Systems Oncology Announces Pipeline of Innovative Drugs Emerging from the Use of Artificial Intelligence

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Scottsdale, AZ – December 14, 2018 –Dr. Spyro Mousses, CEO of Systems Oncology, LLC, announced Systems Oncology’s diversified pipeline of innovative oncology programs discovered with the help of Artificial Intelligence at the AIMed North America Conference in Dana Point, California.

Systems Oncology, an AI-based biopharmaceutical company, utilizes computational tools and machine learning methods that go beyond the limited capacity of the human mind in order to transform drug discovery and development.This innovative approach to drug discovery has made it possible for the exponential acceleration in the ability to discover new insights into cancer vulnerabilities. As a result of this approach, Systems Oncology has discovered hundreds of breakthrough therapeutic opportunities which have been successfully translated into multiple pre-clinical development programs.

Systems Oncology’s AI Platform has proven that AI can be used to accelerate the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. With the announcement of their current pipeline, Systems Oncology will continue to advance this new application of AI while also expanding their current portfolio through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

As Systems Oncology continues to identify new assets through AI, they remain diligently working on a new form of artificial intelligence with the goal of machine imagination, known as the ExpansiveAI project.


About Systems Oncology

Systems Oncology (SO) combines multi-scalar systems modeling with machine learning and big-data to uncover breakthrough insights into cancer biology and expose new therapeutic vulnerabilities. These discoveries are then used to better develop truly novel therapeutic agents. SO has the experience and knowhow needed to intelligently translate scientific insights into smarter clinical development strategies and faster registration paths. It then partners with leading pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the development of breakthrough cancer treatments. Fundamental to the SO approach is a next-generation AI platform for translating scientific insights into innovative cancer therapies with unprecedented speed, scale, and precision.

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