Stephen Gately, PhD

Dr. Gately is the President and CEO of Translational Drug Development (TD2). Prior to joining TD2, and adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Prior to joining TD2, Dr. Gately served as a consultant to Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Medical and Scientific Affairs group where he was responsible for the integration of research and regulatory data on portfolio compounds for commercial planning. He was also involved in the scientific due diligence for oncology business development opportunities.

Prior to that, he served as Executive Director of Translational Medicine at NeoPharm, and was in charge of the design and implementation of research to enhance the understanding of existing products and development candidates for optimal positioning.

Prior to joining NeoPharm, Dr. Gately was a Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University where he focused on developing pharmacologic and endogenous inhibitors of angiogenesis. During this time, he served as a consultant to the Oncology Clinical Research team at Searle/Monsanto (now Pfizer), and was responsible for scientific input on clinical trial designs to rapidly assess the utility of antiangiogenic compounds.

Dr. Gately obtained his PhD from McGill University in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital.